Journal Entry Importer – Excel Template for QuickBooks Desktop

If you have a spreadsheet (excel file) with journal entry data, and would like to import into QuickBooks Desktop (using the IIF format) you can use our template called EXCEL2IIF.


How much is the template?
-Personal $29 (For one Individual user)
-Business $49 (for up to 10 users within one organization)
-Enterprise Use – Please email:


Which versions of QuickBooks are supported?
QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Accountant, and/or Enterprise) version years 2007 through 2017.  NOTE: Only the Admin user can import IIF files, and must be logged in in single user mode.

With this app, will I be able to import my journal entries into QuickBooks?
This is NOT an app, this is a Microsoft Excel file that has macros programmed to export an IIF file, which is how QuickBooks Desktop can import transactions.

Do I need to enable Macros for this to work?
Yes, there is no other way around it, the code uses Visual Basic for Microsoft Excel.

Should I create a backup file before importing?
YES! you should always create a backup file before importing any IIF file.

Is support included?
If you are having issues importing, email us screenshots of all your steps your took, and we will reply via email within 48 hours.

If this doesn’t work for me, do I get my money back?
We can give you a credit towards building a custom template that would work with your data.